My real estate investing background

This site is just to give people an idea of what I have done in the past as it relates my real estate investing experience. I purchased my first rental home in 1992 with two friends. The first 12 months as a landlord went smooth because the tenant paid on time. The problems started during the 2nd year as a landlord. Our tenant missed his first months payment due to lack of work. We had no idea on what to do so we just went to his house every week asking for rent. As the weeks passed by our discussions became more heated as we felt stressed because of paying a 2nd mortgage payment. The tenant finally left on his own once he realized he was not able to catch up on rents and pay future rents.

We learned a lot more about tenants with our third tenant because after a year of paying rents, we found out that the tenant was a drug dealer. Once the drug dealer got arrested then the rents stopped coming in. We had to learn how to do our own eviction. Once the eviction was finished, we lucked out and took the tenant to court and actually won some money.

I had to learn about evictions and tenant screening the hard way because of lack of knowledge. New investors these days are lucky because of the internet giving out so much real estate investor information.